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The Power of Healing through Music

Featured in San Quintin News, article written by Jerry Maleek Gearin on March 20, 2023:

Professional singer and songwriter Essence Goldman held a workshop called Finding Your Voice on Dec. 20 at San Quentin’s Interfaith Chapel, to share the power of healing through music. 

Finding Your Voice is typically a virtual retreat, which is intended to cultivate life-changing power by channeling your inner rock star. The goal is to improve communication skills and become better speakers, leaders, and team members, according to Goldman’s website. 

Jewish Chaplain Rabbi Paul Shleffar introduced the songwriter to about 20 San Quentin residents. “It’s an honor to be here, and I am extremely happy,” Goldman said. “Music has gotten me through some difficult times since I was a kid.” 

Goldman makes her own records and teaches people to sing. The purpose of her workshop at San Quentin was to create healing out of illness and past trauma through music with the men in blue. 

She told the incarcerated to use the power of voice to improve communication. Goldman has taught people to use their voices and presence to unlock creativity and hold onto the audience. 

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