“Though plenty adept technically, Essence’s vocal and musical coaching approach is distinguished by deeper things than technique or teaching style. She’s a true believer in the spiritual value and potential of musical expression and how that translates to creativity, communication, and leadership in the workplace and the world at large. Anyone making a genuine offering at that particular altar benefits greatly from a kind of mutual recognition of that truth. She’s a priestess in the church of rock n’roll, a shaman for the kind of musician who needs to make music as a matter of life. She is a living emissary of the kingdom of music beyond the mundane world, and my guess is, anyone who spends some time studying with her can’t help but see that. That, I think, underlies her power as a teacher, and you can’t fake that.”

Jon BrodyBelieve Music Heals

“Music is about the people you can connect to find those hidden places you would never have visited. Additionally, music can connect you with people and take you places that open your eyes to elements of life that you would have otherwise missed. And that’s where Essence comes in.

In the times I’ve spent with Essence, I’ve learned to look for the small hidden things in life that are easy to miss. Essence has coaxed stuff out of me that I was unaware of being within me. When I’m singing and playing, I’m allowed the space and freedom to shed the issues that accompany terminal illness. I believe that all of us benefit from a place in our lives that narrows our focus down to a single endeavor and blocks out the noise of living that so often consumes us. All of us are individuals, and those places will vary. For me, it’s making music and riding my motorcycle. When I engage in those activities, not both at the same time, I assure you, I’m allowed to experience an recess of sorts.

As I previously mentioned, I received a prognosis of 5 ½ years of remaining life in July 2016. As of this date, I’m a year past that point in time. I believe that what influences our attitudes and actions during difficulties we encounter profoundly affects our well-being and quality of life. While medications and therapies are an essential component of navigating severe health issues, our emotional and creative needs must be met as well, tailored to who we are as individuals. Essence has been a bridge to get me to that place.”

John ClementBelieve Music Heals

“I’m writing this song with Essence simply because the first time I got the pleasure of sharing a room with her she felt like home. Like the mother that could guide me through this unfamiliar, heart wrenching path of desire and music. I’m using my words to express my longing for motherhood because song has always been a way in for me. I can fight my feelings and stay up in my head until I hear a piece of music that beckons me down into my bones. That’s what working with Essence has elicited. Cascading into my body, putting words, and melody to my deep maternal longing. I’m endlessly grateful for Essence and her hunger for my own dreams to come to fruition. Having that support is not replaceable. She’s a gem of a human and an incredible musician.”

Lindsay KimmelBelieve Music Heals