Scientific evidence suggests music causes extensive activation of the brain, promoting the repair of motor and neural systems helping the recovery in stroke patients, reducing symptoms of depression, improving memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cardiac conditions, substance abuse, pain management, and even healing from injuries/surgery.

Music eases anxiety and fear and can help improve self esteem and mood. Music has a way of opening our hearts and helping us feel more connected to others, to ourselves, and to the world around us. As a result, it is a direct line to our emotions and state of being.

Music can be a portal. It can rekindle memories and make new ones. It can create a point of focus that, in effect, lifts a person into another way of seeing and experiencing life and the world around them. It can help manage pain and ease fear. It can help one process and navigate heartbreak, grief, and other complex emotions. It can lift spirits and can be a profound avenue for creativity and self expression.

Music can become one’s legacy.

People Who Need Healing with Music Most:

Terminally Ill



Trauma Survivors

Veterans with PTSD


Chronic Illness

At Risk Youth